Beat your nerves with a professionally written speech

Being asked to give a wedding speech is a lot of pressure. It's too easy to offend the bride, talk for too long or not long enough, or tell a jokes that causes somebody to hate you for the rest of the day. It's no wonder you might be nervous!

Stop Worrying and Start Relaxing

Imagine how perfect your speech could be if you let a professional help you write it.

  • Imagine leaving the guests with hysterical laughs and moist eyes when you raise the final toast. 
  • Imagine the guests completely enthralled by your every word. 
  • Imagine rapturous applause and being congratulated by the guests all night long.
  • Imagine feeling completely confident and delivering your speech like a professional speaker.  
  • Imagine giving a speech that the Bride and Groom will treasure for ever

How amazing would that feel? 

When you let me write your speech these dreams become a reality. I've been writing wedding speeches for years, and know the secrets that separates a good wedding speech from a great one, and can use all these secrets to help make the big day your best day.

I'm so confident you'll love your speech that I'll write your first draft for absolutely nothing! If you don't like it - you don't pay me a penny. 

The speech was fantastic. My daughter was in tears as was everyone else. I really can’t thank you enough.
— Paul F (Father of the bride)

Why choose Freelance Speeches?

There are several people out there offering to help write your wedding speech. 

Here's what makes me different! 

A quick and Easy Service

You tell me your best stories and your thoughts on the speech and I do all the rest, turning your words into a speech that sounds and feels like something you've written, 

A completely unique speech

I never use templates, so each and every speech is 100% unique, and I promise not to throw in any old jokes that leave the guests groaning. 

A totally Free first draft 

I'll send you the first draft of your speech for absolutely nothing!

If you don't like it. You don't pay me a penny.

Full presentation notes

All my final speeches come fully marked up showing you exactly how to deliver the speech like a pro. 

So you can relax and enjoy yourself.


Bespoke wedding speeches normally cost £600+! But, I don't charge by the word, the hour, or the day. Instead your speech costs one simple flat fee of £169 just £135!

My 100% Money back Guarantee

If you're not completely happy with your speech, I'll refund you every penny - no questions asked.


What are you waiting for? Request your speech today!

There's no obligation and absolutely no risk. Click the button below to request your free first draft and I'll be in touch ASAP to get your speech started.

Stop worrying and start relaxing, knowing that your speech is sorted. 

The speech was a great success, no nerves at all! Many people approached me afterwards saying how much they appreciated it. One husband even saying it was the best wedding speech he had ever heard.
— Peter S (Father of the bride)

Order your free first draft today

Your first draft is completely free, with absolutely no obligation to buy

However if you chose to continue:-

  • I'll carry out unlimited edits until you're 100% happy with every word. 
  • I'll unlock the speech so you can print and edit it.
  • I'll mark the speech up with my special presentation format, showing you exactly how to present it on the big day.
  • I'll remove all the branding so no-one need ever know you didn't write the speech yourself.
  • I'll send you my top tips on delivering your speech and beating your nerves.  

Remember, a package like this would normally cost over £600 but, I'm offering you all this for just £229 JUST £183!!! And you don't have to pay a penny until you've received your first draft and decided you want to continue.