The Story of Freelance Speeches

Simon Hembra - Creator of Freelance Speeches

Simon Hembra - Creator of Freelance Speeches

I created Freelance Speeches back in 2015

I have a nervous stammer, and just the thought of having to give a speech at my wedding made me start shaking with fear. But then, I realised that  if I knew what to say, I didn't  have to worry about saying it. 

Every great speech starts with a great script, so I started to research some of the best speeches ever made, breaking them down to see what made them stand out. By taking the time to make my script the best it could be, I was able to stand up, speak clearly and confidently, and even enjoy my speech! 

I decided to use my new found knowledge to help other people find words that they could trust in too, to help take the worry and fear out of weddings all around the world. 

I still stammer sometimes, life isn’t always scripted, but having the the right words helps every single time.

And nothing gives me more pleasure than helping my customers find their right words, so they can stand up, speak out, and find their own voice.